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EikonTech is on a mission to provide deep insights and actionable solutions to high-value engineering challenges in the strategic domains of computational science, artificial intelligence, applied electromagnetics and radio communication.


Cutting-edge technologies customized for your needs.

Industry 4.0

Development of distributed/IoT control systems to monitor processes, assets and operations in industrial environments Exploitation of AR viewer/glass technologies to improve industrial plant maintenance Combination of AI, AR and IoT with innovative Natural User Interfaces (NUI) to promote a Visual Management approach to the challenging task of making effective and efficient the ability to remotely monitor industrial processes.

Digital Culture Heritage

Leveraging Augmented Reality to digitally enhance the fruition of cultural heritage Providing museums/archeological sites guides and visitors with apps for their own/borrowed mobile devices in order to interact via AR Exploiting AR to convey multimedial contents on demand. Search for a deeper involvement of (especially young) visitors through gamification of the visiting experience. Sharing experiences in a broader community to allow a remote (virtual) fruition of cultural heritage.

Health Care

Leveraging AI & Big Data analysis for monitoring health status after cancer treatment to prevent relapses and improve patients’ quality of life. Exploitation of Augmented Reality to develop applications at the service of clinical tests

Public Services

Automated analysis of video streams from distributed cameras for urban environment monitoring. Face recognition for monitoring access to surveyed areas

Disaster Management

Robotic teleoperation in dangerous disaster scenarios. Enhancing the situational awareness of remote operators by leveraging Augmented Reality. Exploiting SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) techniques to virtually reconstruct the 3D scene of a devastated site.


Data collection and analysis for monitoring traffic, preventing congestion.

Skills & Achievements

We apply many technologies depending on the problem we face.


Development of CAD/meshing tools, 3D geometrical and topological modelling kernel, Boundary-Representation, Boolean operations, Constructive Solid Geometry, Meshing algorithms, CAD healing & fixing, CAD interoperability


Development of 2D geographical kernel for GIS tools, Highly accurate ellipsoidal geodesic geometry operations, Digital terrain models manipulation and visualization, GIS interoperability, Geomagnetic models

Computer Graphics

Development of CAD/GIS and 2D/3D scientific data visualization systems, OpenGL and modern GLSL shading language, Vulkan, WebGL, Development of graphic simulators (out-of-the-window, 3D scenarios), Development of dashboards and SCADA-like UIs

Augmented Reality

Development of 2D and 3D AR applications enhancing the Situational Awareness of helicopter pilots (infrastructures, power lines, cableways), Development of ludic AR applications for mobile devices

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning/Convolutional Neural Networks applied to detection and classification of several classes of features from video streaming

Web development

Full-stack (front- through back-end) Web Applications, 3D graphical interfaces for Web App/mobile AR, 3D model design for 3D Web Applications, Multi-user and location-based application using realtime cloud database and storage, Progressive Web Apps for mobile with native look & feel

Autonomus navigation:

SLAM (Self Localization and Mapping) Visual Odometry Data Fusion: Extended Kalman Filter integration of different navigation sensors (IMU, GNSS, baro), Autonomous Path Planning, Obstacle Detection and Avoidance

Control Systems

Distributed Control: game-theoretic approach to the coordination of swarms of drones composed of heterogeneous agents: Unmanned Underwater Vessels; Unmanned Surface Vessels; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Unmanned Ground Vehicles; Development of control systems for moving platforms

HW/SW systems integration

Design and integration of systems, including addons or payloads, at hardware and software level. Design and integration of complex systems leveraging unmanned vehicles, wireless communications and sensors.


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Eikontech is the high tech company - specialized in computational science, artificial intelligence, applied electromagnetics and radio communication - belonging to the Angel Group, the Italian holding company and a world leader in the Railway, Aerospace and Aeronautics markets, which has developed an innovative mobile payment and telemetry system for the vending industry. Contact us Now, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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